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Thursday, September 20, 2007

War at Sea: Real Threats, Perceived Threats and Context

What should be an interesting kick-off to a discussion over at Galrahn's Information Dissemination: The Basics of Naval Weapon Technology:
When I engage in naval tactical discussions that include technology discussion, I usually start with a single question. Have you ever read Fleet Tactics and Coastal Combat by Wayne P. Hughes? In the industry, the answer is usually no, but when it is yes I usually find myself talking to a retired officer or someone who truly understands which technologies in naval warfare matter, and which are simply hype. The reason Captain Hughes book applies is simple, the fusion between tactics and technology Hughes lays out applies as well today as it does when the first edition was written, and the second edition is even better. Bottom line, the utilization of technology in naval tactics requires understanding the conditions, and without that type of objective context to the application of technology in tactics, a technology discussion alone is ultimately futile.
One might say that "Amateurs talk technology, professionals talk conditions."

Go visit and join in the discussion. But I hope you've read Hughes.

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