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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Democrats choose to trap themselves and close Senate doors in Iraq protest

Heh. Democrats close Senate doors in Iraq protest Shumer, Reid and Durbin lead the way down into the trap and then begin to dig themselves deeper.

What a collection of chumps.

UPDATE: I have successfully translated the odd speeches of the Democrat "leadership'' (Reuters scare quotes intended) into language understandable by most Americans:

"Arrh! We are angry Democrats because we keep losing. Arrh! We wants Rove's head on a pike and Cheney-Halliburton in jail and Arrh! Scooter Libby - who the hell is he? Arrh! We be very frustrated, we are. Tom Delay gets a new judge who did not contibute to Move On. Arrh! This is unfair to our unfairness. We want history to be rewritten so that weapons of mass destruction were the sole reason for going to war and that none were found and that Bill Clinton never said Saddam was a danger. Arrh! History is bunk, except for that which we make up. Arrh! We wants Bush to be a draft evading drunken never attended Air National Guard meetings bum and we wants our faked documents to be treated with respect. Arrh! We want to keep repeating that last week was the President's worst week ever. Arrh! We don't want Alito. Arrh! We wants legislatin' judges, not judging judges. Arrh! And we are not happy with the Gang of 14. Or that the Bush chimp keeps outsmarting us, which makes us look like monkeys. Arrh! We are angry Democrats and we hate the Iraq has had elections. Arrh! Don't they know they are doomed? Doomed, we say! Arrh! We want all the soldiers to come home even if they think they are doing the right thing. We knows better...we does. Arrh! And we will hold our breath until we gets our way. Arrh! We likes to pout. Arrh! We wants to impeach Bush because....well, Clinton got impeached. Arrh. We will keep our Gore and Kerry stickers on our cars, but we will never nominate those losers again. And did I mention we hate Bush? Selected, not elected. And all your Ohios belong us! Arrh! Arrh! We say, Arrh!"

Presented as a public service. Just in case you didn't get it yourself. And it will not be presented that way on PBS.

UPDATE2: CDR Salamander points out another Democrat goof up - very poor dirty trick work. More chumps at work.

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