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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Latest piracy report from ICC Commercial Crime Services (to 31October 2005)

Latest ICC CCS report. Highlights:

-27.10.2005 at 0836 LT in position 08:41.565S - 115:43.911E, Lombok strait, Indonesia.
Pirates armed with guns in a speedboat fired upon a chemical tanker underway. Bridge window was destroyed by gunshots. No injuries to crew. Several fishing boats were in the vicinity.
-26.10.2005 at 1810 LT in position 06:09N - 053:45E, 250 nm off east coast of Somalia.
Five speedboats flashed lights at a tanker underway and chased her. One boat increased speed and came close on port beam. Crew switched on deck lights and ship moved further away from the Somali coast and boat gave up chase.

Stay away from Somalia!

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