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Thursday, April 02, 2009

China's Defensive Zone

Yesterday, I put up a post concerning the vital sea lanes of Southeast Asia. In that post, I linked to a report on one of China's "defensive" positions commonly referred to as the "String of Pearls" which included this map of possible Chinese defensive perimeters:

Now, according from ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS: Military Power of the
People’s Republic of China 2009, available for download here, we have this map of Chinese "conventional anti-access capabilities," showing the PLA's reach in limiting access into these suggested perimeters.

Now, couple all that with an excellent report from "Feng" at Information Dissemination on the allegedly steerable anti-aircraft carrier ballistic missiles (or, more specifically, anti-ship missile ballistic missiles (ASBM)) China is developing. Since the U.S. Navy is the only real aircraft carrier force in the world, the Chinese are, as any nation seeking an edge against a potential opponent would do, seeking a way to counter a U.S. advantage.

Food for thought.

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