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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Latest ONI Worldwide Threats to Shipping Report (to 22 April 09)

The latest ONI Worldwide Threats to Shipping Report (to 22 April 09)can be found
here. Highlights:
1. NIGERIA: Bulk carrier robbed 19 Apr 09 at 0245 local time while at berth in Tin Can Islands, Lagos. Two motor boats with eleven robbers armed with long knives boarded the vessel by using hooks and ropes. They broke into the store room and stole ship’s stores. The duty officer raised the alarm, crew mustered and rushed to the location. On sighting the crew, the robbers threatened with long knives and escaped in their boats (IMB).

2. GULF OF ADEN: Vessel fired upon 20 Apr 09 at 1115 UTC while underway in position 12:43N – 047:48E. Two speed boats with five or six armed men onboard chased the vessel with gun shots being fired. The vessel conducted evasive maneuvers and increased speed. Coalition forces were informed and a helicopter was deployed to the location. Upon sighting the helicopter, the men in the speed boats aborted their attempt (Operator, IMB).
3. GULF OF ADEN: Bulk carrier fired upon 20 Apr 09 at 0520 UTC while underway in position 13:15N – 047:40E. Twelve men armed with automatic weapons in two white speed boats chased and fired upon the vessel. The captain conducted evasive maneuvers and enforced anti-piracy measures to prevent the boarding (IMB).
4. GULF OF ADEN: Tanker (FRONT ARDENNE) reported attempted hijacking 18 Apr 09 at 1530 local time while underway in position 12:18N – 046:29E. Seven armed men in a blue skiff approached the tanker from the starboard quarter. No shots were fired, but the armed men made aggressive maneuvers in an attempt to board. The officer on watch notified nearby coalition warships. The captain increased speed and activated fire hoses. The vessel conducted evasive maneuvers as advised by the warship. A Canadian warship arrived, intercepting the skiff and thwarting the attack (Operator, CNN).
5. GULF OF ADEN: Chemical tanker fired upon 18 Apr 09 at 0745 UTC while underway in position 12:14N – 045:45E. A 20 meter black hull boat with a black sail was spotted. Once the boat was astern, it launched a white hull skiff which proceeded towards the tanker. Men in the skiff prepared a ladder to board the tanker. The tanker increased speed and enforced anti-piracy preventive measures. An RPG was fired at the tanker, which fell on the deck but did not explode. The men in the skiff aborted the attack and returned to the mother ship (IMB).
6. GULF OF ADEN: General cargo ship reported suspicious approach 17 Apr 09 at 0500 UTC while underway in position 12:51N – 048:11E. The vessel detected a speed boat approaching at a distance of 7NM. Warships were contacted and informed of the speed boat and a mother ship nearby. The speed boat approached the vessel on the starboard side at a speed of 15 knots. When the speed boat was about 2NM away, three armed men were sighted. The vessel fired rocket flares, activated fire hoses, and sounded the alarm. The speed boat came as close as 40-50 meters from the vessel before eventually aborting its pursuit and returning to the mother ship (IMB).

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