Sunday, April 26, 2009

Death by ACLU

The ACLU has pushed for and now, apparently, gained a "victory" in getting photos of military investigations of alleged prisoner abuse released. Wow. Good for them.

Reactions on the conservative side have a range from something akin to a mild rebuke from the Wall Street Journal editorial page titled The ACLU's Photo Shoot:
The ACLU may think that humiliating the U.S. and indicting the Bush Administration are more important than protecting American interests. American soldiers and diplomats may have a different view.
"Mild," that is, by comparison to Steve Schippert at National Review Online, Obama Administration's Assault on the American Warrior Commences :
The aim of the release is to assault America in the court of public opinion, using the wholly owned media PR subsidiary as the armored assault vehicle. And the administration, through its acquiescence, is at minimum enabling this, choosing consciously to end the public defense of the American warrior class and its very legacy. Perhaps the administration is acting with willful disregard for them by taking direction from the ACLU/Soros/Moveon.org hard Left in a form of electoral quid pro quo. At worst, the administration is directly aligned with them and acting in concert rather than taking direction from them.

Either way, the principled defense of the warrior is over, by choice of the Obama administration in directing the Pentagon to end the defense short of SCOTUS. It is an outright abdication.

Steve and the WSJ are concerned, as they should be, that the release of photos (made as part of investigations into abuses and not as part of a cover up) will spark ugliness in those easily roused areas where American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen may bear the brunt of said ugliness while the "winning" ACLU lawyers are drinking wine and toasting their "glorious" victory.

Meanwhile, the Taliban, not being a current threat to the ACLU and it odd ideas of "justice," will continue to kill, murder, maim, stone to death and assassinate all who stand in their way. Al Qaeda does not read victims their "rights" before setting off a bomb in a crowded market.

Too bad the ACLU isn't interested in taking action to stop the Taliban from their torture, their imposition of their religious views on others at the point of a gun or to stop al Qaeda from using car bombs and bomb belts. You know, 'cause I don't think an injunction will cut it. ACLU types might have to go out there and actually do something . . .

But no, the ACLU will go for the low hanging fruit, keeping its dresses clean while letting the hard work be done by others, some of whom do not always react with the cold, clear logic of the ACLU lawyer who knows who the enemy is - George Bush. And that ACLU lawyer knows how to use lawfare not merely to punish the guilty, but to place in harm's way those who had nothing to do with the prisoner abuses but who happen to serve in the military or the Department of State.

"Guilt by association" is not a principle I once would have linked to the ACLU though now it seems to be one of their basic tenants that anyone in the military or serving the U.S. overseas is fair game. I guess it's all part their rush to undo the horrors of the Bush years, when all those ACLU lawyers weren't sent to re-education camps and weren't forced to ... do anything. Except bitch about how bad it was having BushHitler for president.

I used to believe that the ACLU felt "Better ten guilty men go free than one innocent man be punished....". In the new politics of the ACLU, there now seems to be a new ACLU rule that "many innocents may be put at risk to publicize the wrongs of a few." Even if the few are already being punished for those wrongs. And "it's all Bush's fault."

I hope the ACLU lawyers and those who support and foster them can live with the blood of innocents on their hands and on their writs because any death or injury of an American that results from the release of the photos I personally will tie back to the ACLU.

You know, "because freedom can't protect itself." Nope, sometimes it takes more than ACLU lawyers, though. Sometimes, it takes warriors. A lesson the ACLU needs to learn.

UPDATE: A confession that will please the ACLU types, a plea to move on that will be ignored. H/T: The Yankee Sailor.

UPDATE2: Another sharp stick, but, again, reality has nothing to do with this witch hunt.

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