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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Latest ONI Worldwide Threats to Shipping Report (to 29 April 09)

The latest ONI Worldwide Threats to Shipping Report (to 29 April 09) can be found here. Highlights:
1.  NIGERIA:  Chemical tanker robbed, crew members kidnapped 20 Apr 09 at 2030
local time while underway in position 04:00N – 006:07E, approximately 50NM
southwest of Onne. Eight pirates in a speed boat wearing masks and
armed with guns fired upon the vessel and boarded it.
They shut down the INMARSAT system and took hostage the chief officer.
The main engine was stopped under armed threat and another boat came alongside
with two more gunmen. Their intention was to get the ship’s cash and not to harm any of the crew.
The captain gave all the cash to the gunmen. They kidnapped the captain and the engineer
and escaped with the cash and personal belongings. The two kidnapped crew members
were released two days later (IMB).

2. NIGERIA: Bulk carrier robbed 19 Apr 09 at 0245 local time while
at berth in Tin Can Islands, Lagos. Two motor boats with eleven robbers
armed with long knives boarded the vessel by using hooks and ropes.
They broke into the store room and stole ship’s stores.
The duty officer raised the alarm, crew mustered and rushed to the location.
On sighting the crew, the robbers threatened with long knives and escaped
in their boats (IMB).
1. GULF OF ADEN: Vessel fired upon 28 Apr 09 at 0630 UTC while underway
in position 12:31N – 046:07E. One blue colored speed boat with six armed men
onboard approached the vessel and opened fire with automatic weapons.
The vessel conducted evasive maneuvers and used rocket flares to
boarding. Nearby coalition warships were contacted.
The speed boat aborted the attempt approximately 30 minutes later.
No injuries to the crew or damage to the vessel was reported (Operator, IMB).

2. GULF OF ADEN: Tanker (GNA) hijacked 26 Apr 09 at 1130 UTC while
underway in position 13:25N – 047:24E.
The vessel was attacked and hijacked by approximately 14 pirates.
The tanker was later taken back by Yemeni forces (AFP, IMB).

3. GULF OF ADEN: General cargo ship fired upon 25 Apr 09 at 0600 local time
while underway in position 14:00N – 051:31E. Two small speed boats with five
persons armed with guns approached the vessel. When they were approximately
three cables away from the vessel, they opened fire using automatic weapons.
The master enforced anti-piracy measures and prevented the boarding (IMB).

4. GULF OF ADEN: Bulk carrier (PATRIOT) hijacked 25 Apr 09 at 0335 local
time while underway in position 14:01N – 051:34E. Pirates in skiffs armed
with guns attacked and hijacked the vessel. Seventeen crew members are onboard
(Reuters, IMB).
23. INDIAN OCEAN: Vessel fired upon 29 Apr 09 at 1550 local time while
underway in position 01:40S – 047:12E, approximately 280NM southeast of Barawe,
Somalia. Five men armed with automatic weapons in a white colored speed boat
approached the vessel from the starboard quarter and began opening fire.
The captain increased speed and conducted evasive maneuvers while activating
fire hoses. After 15 minutes, the speed boat aborted the attack (Operator, IMB).

24. INDIAN OCEAN: Vessel fired upon 28 Apr 09 at 0704 UTC while underway in
position 13:49N – 056:30E, approximately 380NM northeast of Caluula, Somalia.
Two skiffs were launched from a mother ship and fired two RPGs at the bridge
and missed. Automatic weapons were fired and struck the vessel on the starboard
side. No injuries were reported(Operator, IMB).

25. INDIAN OCEAN: Tanker (NS COMMANDER) fired upon 27 Apr 09 at 1050 UTC
while underway in position 13:10N – 056:37E, approximately 320NM east of Caluula,
Somalia. One speed boat with three armed men approached the vessel and ordered
it to stop. The captain conducted evasive maneuvers, and the gunmen opened fire.
After 30 minutes, two speed boats with four to five men in each boat approached
and opened fire on the vessel. The master continued to carry out evasive
maneuvers and succeeded in preventing the men from boarding
(IMB, LM: RIA Novosti).

26. INDIAN OCEAN: Passenger ship (MELODY) fired upon 26 Apr 09 at 1942 UTC
while underway in position 01:17S – 055:40E, approximately 480NM east of Hobyo,
Somalia. Six men in a small white speed boat attacked and fired upon the ship.
An armed security onboard the cruise ship returned fire and sprayed them with
water hoses, forcing the pirates to retreat. The pirates reportedly linked to
the failed attack were later captured by Spanish naval forces (AP, BBC, IMB).
4. SOUTH CHINA SEA: Container ship robbed 22 Apr 09 at 2145 local time while
underway in position 03:10N – 105:28E, approximately 30NM west of the
Anambas Islands. Five pirates armed with long knives in a boat boarded
the vessel. They attacked the captain and stole cash from the vessel and
escaped. No injuries to the crew were reported (IMB).

5. SOUTH CHINA SEA: Tanker robbed 20 Apr 09 at 1841 UTC in position 03:24N –
105:29E, approximately 30NM northwest of the Anambas Islands.
Eight pirates armed with knives boarded the vessel and stole cash
before escaping (IMB).
2009 Piracy activity off the east coast of Somalia:

In the Gulf of Aden:

Southeast Asia:

Off Nigeria:

Maps from IMB Live Piracy Map 2009.

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