Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Somali Pirates: Why do we do it? Because it's better than our other options

Why are there Somali pirates? For the same reason there are bank robbers and drug dealers. It's relatively easy money and some people only have poor career options, or anyway, that's how I read this somewhat sympathetic report:
A group of our villagers, mainly fishermen I knew, were arming themselves.

One of them told me that they wanted to hijack ships, which he said were looting our sea resources.

He told me it was a national service with a lot of money in the end. Then I took my gun and joined them.
Who knew that World Food Program ships were looting Somali sea resources. Or oil tankers. Or cargo ships. Or yachts. Or tug boats. Or wood carriers. Or ...

I have said many times that Somali fishing waters ought to be protected. Attacking ship that have nothing to do with fishing or pollution 300 miles at sea is not protecting Somali waters and points out what a flimsy excuse this innocent "coast guard" lie is.

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