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Monday, April 20, 2009

Somali Pirate in U.S. Court

The U.S. captured Somali pirate will be going to court in New York. According to the Voice of America, the pirate, previously reported as being 16 is 19 (never trust first reports and doubt second reports) as set out here:
The last surviving Somali pirate captured during a botched seizure of a United States ship captain is expected to appear in a Manhattan Federal Court today (Tuesday). The 19 year-old pirate, Abduhl Wal-i-Musi is reportedly charged with hostage taking and piracy. Abdullahi Ali is a political analyst. He told VOA that Tuesday's trial would serve as a deterrent to other pirates who have been harassing ships off the Somali coasts.
The pirate was reported to have gone aboard a U.S navy vessel before Navy Seal snipers shot and killed three of colleagues who had been holding Captain Richard Philips hostage for at least five days in a life boat. Meanwhile, during the recent hostage standoff off the Somali coast, FBI agents from New York were assigned to investigate the pirate attack on the U. S cargo ship Maersk Alabama and the abduction of its captain, and continued to develop a case for trial.

The pirates had demanded two million dollars before releasing Captain Richard Philips who they had been holding hostage hours after the captain attempted a daring escape from his captors.
According to some research, this may be the first piracy trial in the U.S. since 1861. That trial was also held in New York City.

UPDATE: Young pirate arrives in U.S..

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