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Latest ONI Worldwide Threats to Shipping Report (to 25 July 07)

Latest ONI Worldwide Threats to Shipping Report (to 25 July 07 found here. Highlights:
1. LEBANON: The Lebanese army's gun-battles with Fatah al-Islam fighters at the northern refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared has caused severe power shortages across the country with ships unable to deliver oil to a nearby power plant, energy officials said on 24 Jul. Ships transporting diesel and fuel oil for the Deir Ammar power plant, near the camp, have been ordered not to moor in the area for security reasons and are being diverted to other ports in Lebanon. Roger
Mouracade, representative in Lebanon for P & I Clubs, which provides maritime insurance, said as long as the Nahr al-Bared battles continue, shipping companies could not take the risk of unloading fuel in the area. "If one rocket hits a vessel, we will not only have a disaster on the human level but also an ecological disaster," he told AFP. "As long as there is the slightest risk, there will be no ships calling at Deir Ammar." He said four vessels transporting fuel to the plant have been diverted since the beginning of the standoff at Nahr al-Bared and another ship was
headed to the region this week (AFP)

1. GULF OF ADEN: General cargo ship reported suspicious approach 20 Jul at 2115 UTC while underway in position 12:32N–044:03E. An unlit boat, doing about 8 knots, approached the vessel on a collision course. Alert crew directed the search light towards the boat and the boat moved away (IMB).
2. GULF OF ADEN: General cargo ship reported suspicious approach 20 Jul at 2020 UTC while underway in position 12:31N – 044:12E. Two unlit boats, doing about 11.5 knots approached the vessel on a collision course. The ship took evasive maneuvers, increased speed and directed the searchlights towards the boats. The closest the boats got to the ship was about two cables. When the boats came into the beam of the searchlights they moved away (IMB).
3. GULF OF ADEN: Tug reported suspicious approach 10 Jul at 0245 UTC while
underway in position 12:59N-049:17E, 67NM south of Yemen. The tug observed a dhow type-fishing vessel on her port side proceeding on a reciprocal course. The fishing vessel altered and started coming closer to the tug. As the tug altered its course, the fishing vessel altered its course and increased its speed as well. Once the tug increased its speed, the fishing vessel aborted the attempt (IMB).
4. SOMALIA: Container ship reported suspicious approach 20 Jul at 1200 local time while underway in position 11:09.0N–052:46.8E, 95 NM off the NE coast of Somalia. A small, white hulled, boat about 30-50 meters long began to follow the vessel. At a distance of about 5 nm, the boat increased speed and approached the vessel. The master altered course and the boat adjusted its course to follow the ship. At a distance of 3 NM, the boat stopped following the ship. Master altered course and moved away from the boat (IMB).
5. SOMALIA: Bulk carrier reported suspicious approach 16 Jul, 2000 UTC/2400 local time in position 00:27S-049:10E. The vessel was bound south for Argentina from Socotra when an unidentified boat attempted to close in on the vessel. The vessel altered and moved away after noticing (Operator, IMB).
6. SOMALIA: Tanker reported suspicious approach 16 Jul at 1130 UTC in position 01:46.3S-047:46.7E. A suspicious boat was sighted 5NM away from the vessel. It was 20 meters in length (Operator, IMB).

9. SRI LANKA: LTTE leader reportedly injured in a boat explosion 19 Jul, in the morning off Mullaitivu. According to military sources, an LTTE suicide boat exploded and it’s believed that the sea Tiger leader Colonel Soosai was in the boat at the time and was critically injured

1. BANGLADESH: Bulk carrier boarded 17 Jul at 2300 UTC while anchored at
Chittagong Anchorage ‘B’. Six robbers, armed with knives, boarded the vessel. Duty officer raised the alarm. All crew mustered. The robbers escaped without stealing anything (IMB).
12. BANGLADESH: Bulk carrier reported attempted boarding 18 Jul at 2100 UTC while anchored at Chittagong Anchorage ‘B. Twelve robbers, in two small boats, armed with knives, attempted to board the vessel during lightering operations. D/O raised the alarm, crew mustered. The robbers aborted their boarding attempt (IMB).

1. NATUNA ISLANDS: Vietnamese fishing vessel fired upon by Indonesian Navy 19 Jul
after failing to comply with orders to stop while in Indonesian waters. The shooting occurred after four Vietnamese fishing vessels entered Indonesian waters around the Natuna Islands. Two men were confirmed dead and another wounded. The Vietnamese fishing vessels are suspected of poaching in the Indonesian territorial waters. Last year, the Indonesian Navy's Western Fleet, which supervises the waters in the western part of Indonesia, held more than 100 foreign vessels, mostly from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, for illegal fishing. Sixty percent of them were caught around Natuna Islands (LM: Kyodo).
Chittagong Port information here.

More info on Chittagong here:
The largest sea port in the country, Chittagong is the main route for almost all of Bangladesh's imports and exports, and generates a huge amount of revenue each year, attracting many investors internationally.[citation needed] Its harbour also contains extensively developed port facilities, and is particularly suitable for ocean steamers.
Anchorage "B" general vicinity is marked on GoogleEarth image.

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