Saturday, March 03, 2007

Coast Guard Patrol Boats

Among the links here is this one to the Brickmuppet Blog wherein Ken Talton, USCGR, discusses the U.S. Coast Guard's Patrol Boat problem (it ain't got enough and the ones it does have are aging) or as he puts it, the "Cutter Conundrum":
Now there is a problem....the CG needs patrol boats....like yesterday.

But what should they buy, the ultimate cutter design is still decade or 2 off and we have got to get something in the water now.
First thing! No more surprises....off the shelf designs only for now.

One obvious choice would be the NAVY/Coast Guard Cyclone class patrol boat. It's highly regarded in Coast Guard service, uses the same diesels the CG 110's use, is already in service, is fast and is proven.
Well worth a look, since the Coasties and the Navy should both be looking at patrol boats with some similarities...you know littorals overseas are not all that different from littorals off the U.S.... At any rate, Ken has some thoughts.

An earlier post on the CG getting to keep three of the Cyclone class PCs here. And see here.

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