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Friday, March 02, 2007

Guarding the Iraqi oil terminals

Nice report on an important job:
“We’re out here to provide security and stability to the Iraqi terminals, protect the infrastructure of [Al Basra Oil Terminal and Khawr al Amaya Oil Terminal], which is very important in helping this growing democracy,” Harbeson said.

The efforts have dramatically improved security in the nearly three years that a translator, Ali, has been working in the gulf.

“Things are getting better, much much better and improving every day,” Ali said.

“The fishermen are happy because of the coalition forces. The [piracy] is no more. Well, almost no more. The smuggling of people is almost no more.”

The task is dubbed Maritime Security Operations, MSO for short, and entails quashing piracy, stopping the smuggling of people and weapons, protecting fishermen and protecting the platforms, which provide about 85 percent of Iraq’s revenue, at roughly $11,000 per second.
Earlier report on the Iraqi Navy role here.

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