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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Commander Undersea Surveillance gets new boss

Reported as Undersea Surveillance Aligned Under Naval Oceanography:
"We believe this is a natural partnership, and we are delighted that the Navy agrees," said Rear Adm. Timothy McGee, NMOC Commander. "CUS uses and monitors sensors in the Navy's ASW (anti-submarine warfare) effort, and the oceanography community analyzes and predicts acoustic ranges for the Navy's ASW effort."

"We too agree that this partnership under the umbrella of NMOC is a good fit and will benefit both communities," said Capt. David Kern, who commands the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System. "NMOC is the Navyís recognized leader in multidimensional battlespace awareness and we are very pleased to be part of it. Under their leadership IUSS will ultimately realize stable, long-term officer manning and potential future benefits from developments in data processing and automation."
Previous post on some of the history of the Navy's undersea Surveillance ops here.

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