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Saturday, March 10, 2007

U.S. Coast Guard Strategy: Read All About It!

Downloadable pdf available here. Click on "Coast Guard Strategy."

From the Letter of Promulgation:
This Strategy identifies strategic priorities for implementation across all Coast Guard missions in support of America’s maritime safety, security, and stewardship interests. It focuses on enhancements to legal regimes, awareness, and operational capabilities that best position the Coast Guard to defeat the asymmetrical, transnational threats America will encounter in the future. We will work with the Congress, our interagency partners, and our state, local, private, and international partners to bring this Strategy to life. As we stand watch, we will build the 21st century Coast Guard America expects and deserves.

The CGS is our compass. We have plotted the course for the future. America’s Coast Guard will be the most capable, adaptive, and responsive multi-mission, maritime and military service in our Nation’s history. We will remain Semper Paratus to answer the call whenever and wherever America needs us.

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