Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Throw the rascals out with their 30 pieces of silver

A Milblogger, Soldier's Dad, wrote it:
My family tree has been feeding the tree of liberty since the tree was planted. I'm quite certain I'm not alone. Some families have long histories of tending to the tree of liberty, others have a long history of living in its shade.

Once again our great Congress is debating matters of War and Peace. The most solemn duty of Congress.

The Chairman of the House of Representatives has decided that matters of War and Peace should be decided not on the merits or a careful examination of the facts but thru political bribery.

Whatever the outcome of the vote...many will die. Will they gives their lives for the Tree of Liberty..or will they Give their lives for 218 Congressman who took a bribe?
Another Milblogger found the perfect illustration for it at CDR Salamander: Sunday Funnies:

It's an old tale. I'm sure the Congressperson who voted to get the $120 million in shrimp research pork really meant well in accepting the bribe.

Mr. President, veto this piece of garbage, and give us a chance to throw these rascals, who are just resting in the shade instead of feeding the tree of liberty, out of public office.

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