Landing the Big One

Landing the Big One

Friday, June 29, 2007

N. Korean Freighter Captured by Somali Pirates? or Just Missing?

Reported here, (although the title at the time I found the article read: " Korean firefighter disappears in Kenya"):
A North Korean-flagged freighter has gone missing off the Horn of Africa coastline after last being spotted seven weeks ago, a Kenyan maritime official said on Friday.

The MV Sea Prince was last seen loading cargo in Djibouti port in May, Andrew Mwangura, of the Kenyan branch of the Seafarers' Assistance Programme, said.

"On May 11, it was spotted loading 2400 tonnes of cereals in Djibouti port and was headed to the Somali ports of Berbera and Bosasso. Since then, it has gone missing and we have not heard any word from the captain or the owners," Mwangura told AFP.
Mwangura said information on the missing freighter had been handed over to the US Navy patrolling the Horn of Africa, diplomatic missions in Nairobi and the International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre.

Four vessels - one from Taiwan, another from Denmark and two from South Korea - are already currently in the hands of pirates off the coast of war-torn Somalia.
UPDATE: Or maybe it's a South Korean ship. See here.

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