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Monday, June 25, 2007

Where the pirates may hang out

Let's go pirate hunting! We know that Somali pirates have taken a Danish ship to their protected water off Hobyo. Now what's that look like? Click on the images to make them bigger.

Well, we know Somalia:

And we can find Hobyo on the map:
And then we can use Google Earth to find the lovely garden spot of Hobyo. Literally, according to this, the town's name means "has water"

But they don't put captured ships that far inland, so where would they be?

Well, there is a sort of sheltered anchorage (with some houses nearby) close to Hobyo:

And in that sheltered water you can see some boats... which might - just speculating here - belong to pirates. Or maybe not.

Much of the rest of the long Somali beach in the area looks unfriendly to ships, though.

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