Wednesday, December 06, 2006

China, India and the U.S.

International relations can be fun and exciting, especially when the big elephants begin their dances. When the question involves China and India and, maybe, Russia and a balancing act of suitors for India's favors, things get delicate and you get advice like this: this:
Washington should support the positive trends in India-China relations as tensions in this relationship would likely lead to an arms race that would involve Pakistan and could destabilize the region. However, Washington should watch carefully any efforts to build a Russia-China-India trilateral axis aimed at countering U.S. power. India has long prized its strategic autonomy in world affairs and is unlikely to be drawn into any open effort at strategic balancing.
I'm glad I'm not the action officer on "watching carefully."

And sometimes you need a gratuitous Karate Kid quote:
When you feel life out of focus...always return to basic of life.

Daniel: What, praying?

Miyagi: Breathing.

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