Tuesday, December 05, 2006

ONI Worldwide Threat to Shipping report to 29 November 06

The ONI WWTTS report (to 29 November 06) shows a great deal of activity, though much of it is in areas other than the Strait of Malaca or off Somalia. See here. Brazil pops up with 12 vessel "invasions" between August and October, though ONI tends to question some of the reporting. Nigeria remains a hotspot and the once-missing vessel Snow White has reappeared:
Per 27 Nov reporting, the chemical tanker (SNOW WHITE) turned up for sale in Singapore under the guise of another vessel. The vessel was reportedly renamed (KWANG MIN) but after prospective buyers ran through certificates onboard as part of their purchase proceedings, they discovered the vessel was really the (SNOW WHITE). The men then filed a police report and set about having the vessel detained. However, once they returned to carry out a raid on the vessel, the shipís master, manager and crew were all missing (TW).

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