Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Latest ICC CCS piracy report (to 5 Dec 2006)

Latest ICC Commercial Crime Services piracy report here with the following highlights showing a slight increase in reported incidents of approaches to ships underway:
29.11.06 0140 LT in position 04:41N – 098:42E, Malacca Straits - Bulk carrier underway had to take evasive action to prevent boarding of pirates in a small high powered craft at port beam. The crew activated fire hoses. Boarding averted.
28.11.06 2030 LT, in position 12:25N – 044:25E Gulf of Aden – Bulk carrier underway was approached by an unlit vessel which suddenly increased speed as it approached the vessel. Boarding was successfully prevented by prompt evasive action taken by the vessel including sounding of the alarm mustering the crew and activating fire hoses.
Perhaps the weather is getting better...

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