Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Infrared Seaborne Detection System

Info here:
The system, dubbed Sea Spotter, is a new generation (third generation) infrared staring system that is capable of automatically locating both surface and airborne targets, super sonic and slow, very small targets above and around the vessel, from horizon to zenith and transferring the data to the ship's combat system for interception.

Based on infrared sensors, the Sea Spotter is a completely passive system. Unlike electromagnetic radar systems, it does not emit any signals, so that as part of its situational awareness, it can "see" but not be seen without emitting any beams and without giving away the ship's position.

The overall target and battle arena image that is produced by the Sea Spotter is able to locate such threats as surface-to-surface missiles, super sonic and sub sonic sea skimming missiles, combat aircraft, gliding bombs, ARM weapons helicopters, ships, small target vessels such as a submarine periscope and/or terrorist threats like jet skis.

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